WinMac Goal

As a fully New Zealand owned and operated Industry qualified IT company we are a leading multi platform sales and service provider; maintaining client excellence is priority, a culture that we continuously cultivate

Customer Relationship

We are experienced as an IT solutions provider and to date we have provided services to the vast and rapidly growing businesses, ie: Home Office, small and medium size businesses, Education and non- for profit organizations through out the Auckland region WinMac Computer Solutions can design and Install multi-platform systems, we supply computer hardware, software and peripherals, onsite service support and site management.

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WinMac System Business Experience

WinMac provide sales and service in a multi-platform environment because business now prefer multi-platform hardware and operating systems. WinMac has 17 years of IT expeience in a wide range of industries including small and medium sized business and the education sector throughout the Auckland region. As a Microsoft Certified Education solutions provider this enables WinMac to access the latest tools and technology to keep our knowledge and skills up to date, allowing WinMac to confidently offer industry level service

WinMac Concept

WinMac Solutions was formed in 1997 to provide specialized Information Technology services that add value by improving productivity and efficiently in supplying quality brand products. Since 1997 WinMac specialized in Multi-platform sales of hardware and software in partnership with Apple, AMD, Brother, COMPAQ, Canon, Epson, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Philips, Symantec and more.

Providing Current Technology and Better Products